People of Basketball: Cherie Abell

National Volunteers Week is a time to celebrate and recognise the invaluable contributions of volunteers within our sport. This year, we shine the spotlight on Cherie Abell, a dedicated volunteer from the Mackay Magpies Basketball Club whose commitment and passion have significantly impacted the community.

Cherie Abell began her basketball journey at 10, playing club basketball in Mackay. After many years from the game, her passion was reignited when her son expressed an interest in the sport. In 2006, Cherie found the Brothers Basketball Club, which prompted her return to the court, this time as a player in the senior club competition and as a volunteer coach.

“They knew I had played before and asked me to coach my son’s team, and then the next thing I knew, they were asking me to become club president.”

By 2007, she had become the president of Brothers, spending the next two years overseeing the club’s transformation into the Mackay Magpies Basketball Club. Under Cherie’s leadership, alongside Rosie Tolo, the club successfully affiliated with the Magpies Sporting Club.

Cherie took on a lot of responsibility over her time as the club quickly grew from just five junior teams and two senior teams to now one of the largest in Mackay. 

She admits it wouldn’t have been possible without the volunteers, and highlighted the critical role they play in the club’s success.

“The club has a wonderful array of volunteers, and we’ve nurtured that culture of participating in some way.” 

“No volunteers, no game, really; if you don’t have volunteers, you don’t have coaches, you don’t have scorers. They are so important; they are the club. Volunteering, at any level, is the most rewarding feeling,” said Abell.

Though she has stepped down from her role as president, Cherie continues to coach occasionally while also helping in administration. 

“I don’t know that I could ever completely step away; I can’t imagine a scenario where I will be sick of it."

Cherie Abell stands as a shining example among the dedicated volunteers in our community. These volunteers form the backbone of our sport, fostering a positive environment through their unwavering dedication and hard work. We honour every volunteer within our Basketball Queensland community for their selfless efforts and boundless passion. 

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