National Integrity Framework

The National Integrity Framework is the umbrella term for the suite of policies, educational materials and other resources that establish basketball’s perimeter against corruption. 

The Framework applies to all competitions and events conducted under the auspices of Basketball Australia or a member state/territory association, including the National Basketball League. 

The Framework sets the broad expectations for the conduct of all Participants, but also incorporates detailed policies to regulate behaviour and ensure action can be taken against those who fail to adhere to behavioural standards and expose the sport to undue risk.


To report an integrity issue or concern, please report to either of the following:

To contact Basketball Australia integrity unit, please email

Information relating to suspected breaches of Basketball Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy can be reported to SIA:

If you have any information in relation to a criminal matter, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.





National Integrity Framework
Elite Participants
Good Administration 
Gambling and Match Fixing
Improper Use of Drugs and Medicines Policy
Courtsiding Policy
Member Protection Policy
Child Safeguarding Policy
Complaints Policy


What is the purpose of the National Framework?

This Framework is a comprehensive response to current and emerging risks to the integrity of basketball. It also implements a robust set of reporting, investigatory and sanctioning provisions to deal with conduct that is likely to be detrimental to the integrity of the sport or bring the game of basketball into disrepute.

What behaviours does the policy regulate?

The Framework sets the broad expectations for the conduct of all Participants.

The matters covered by this Framework includes:

  • Child Safeguarding
  • Code of conduct for Elite Level Participants
  • Code of conduct for Good Administration
  • Complaints
  • Courtsiding
  • Gambling and Match-fixing
  • Improper Use of Drugs and Medicines
  • Members Protection

Who does the Policy apply to?

This Framework applies to all Member Organisations, Authorised Providers, Participants and Clubs which includes, amongst others, Players, coaches, support staff, administrators and members of Basketball Australia, often referred to as Participants.

Who enforces the policy?

Any complaint of an alleged breach of this policy is investigated by the Basketball Australia Integrity Unit or with Basketball Australia Integrity oversight by other suitable qualified person.

How do I make a complaint of any suspected breaches of this policy?

To report an integrity issue or concern, please report to either of the following:

  • Basketball Australia
  • In addition to the form above you can also report an integrity issue via STOPline, Basketball Australia’s independent reporting hotline which at the discretion of the reporter may be made anonymously.
  • Smartphone app: Search for STOPline in the iTunes App Store of Google Play
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 1300 304 550

To contact Basketball Australia Integrity Unit, please email:
Information relating to suspected breaches of Basketball Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy can be reported to SIA.

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

While anonymous reports may be made, they may have significant limitations that inhibit a proper and appropriate inquiry or investigation of the allegations. Therefore, Basketball Australia encourages reports to contain contact details and full details of persons involved where possible.

Do I have to raise a concern?

Yes, Participants and Clubs are required to report any suspected breaches of policies contained within the Framework.

How am I protected when I make a complaint?

Any report by a Participant will be dealt with confidentially by Basketball Australia unless disclosure is otherwise required or permitted by law, under this Framework, in the relevant Policy.

What if someone makes a complaint against me?

  • All investigations will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of natural justice.
  • Those subject to allegations will be provided the opportunity to respond to the allegations against them
  • Those subjected to a complaint will be treated sensitively, fairly, regularly updated and offered support
  • For more information please review the Complaints Policy

What is a Provisional Suspension?

Where the Basketball Australia Integrity Unit considers there are urgent or exceptional circumstances involving or allegedly involving any serious breach of policies by a Participant, a Participant may be Provisionally suspended. This may occur where an immediate response is required to protect the integrity or reputation of the sport.


A range of sport integrity e-learning courses are available via:

The Sport Integrity Australia website:

The Play by the Rules website:


Sport Integrity Australia

World Anti-Doping Agency

Sport Australia


We are the custodians of the sport of basketball

We manage the game for the benefit of our members and will make decisions that help basketball meet its full potential and that are in the best interests of the sport.

We are ethical, honest and trustworthy

We act with integrity and are committed to fair play both on and off the court. We respect, promote and enforce standards and rules in a consistent manner.

Basketball is a source of national pride

All australians should be proud of how we play the game and conduct ourselves both on and off the court.

Basketball is for everyone

Basketball is “everyone’s game” and we have a responsibility to remove barriers, make it accessible, provide opportunities and encourage all australians to enjoy the game.

Basketball provides a sense of community

We will create opportunities for people to get together and engage in a positive and welcoming environment based on a shared sense of purpose, cooperation and respect.

We support excellence at all levels

We will provide opportunities for all our participants to achieve their best. Everyone who is involved in our sport should be encouraged to do their best and make their communities proud. We will acknowledge the efforts and achievements of all participants.

Basketball provides a fun and safe environment

We will provide and promote an environment that is fun, welcoming, supportive and conducive to the safe enjoyment of basketball.

We encourage participants and clubs to become familiar with the policies and procedures to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all of its members.
More information about the framework and policies can be found on this page.

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