BA Foreign Player & Coach Policy

The content of the Policy is intended only to provide a summary and general overview on matters of interest. It is not intended to be comprehensive nor does it constitute immigration or legal advice.

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Under the Migration Act 1958 (Act), a person who is not a registered migration agent must not provide immigration assistance as defined by the Act. 

Whilst BA might be able to provide some assistance, including performing clerical duties in order to lodge endorsement or visa applications with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), BA is not permitted to provide you with specific immigration assistance or advice.

2020 BA Foreign Player & Coach Policy

BA Approval

Applicants are advised to apply online via the below link when seeking Basketball Australia Approval.

*If required
^To be sent direct to FIBA Oceania

Players Born in Other Oceania Regions

International Clearances

A letter of clearance must be obtained from the national member federation where a player was last licensed before he/she can be licensed with another member federation.

Any player who last played Basketball overseas (including US College or High School) before joining an Australian club, need to get an International Clearance.

The only reason for which a national member federation may refuse to grant the request for a letter of clearance is if the player is under contract to play for his club beyond the scheduled transfer date. 

A letter of clearance may not be delayed or refused because of a monetary dispute between a club and a player. FIBA has introduced a MANDATORY administration fee for all International Clearance requests.

Basketball Australia has been forced to increase the International Clearance Fee to $450AUD to accommodate the currency conversion for the Mandatory charge by FIBA. 

Clubs must pay this fee upfront, sending a payment confirmation with the online request to Basketball Australia.

Please Note: No Admin fee will be charged if the request is for an Australian player returning to Australia from USA College or USA High School.All requests must be lodged online here and must include copy of players passport.

Each International Clearance request will be charged the Mandatory Admin Fee. 

Therefore it is imperative that teams get information correct on the first application as if clubs seek a clearance and the player is still playing overseas or clubs supply incorrect information (i.e wrong club or wrong federation), then a second payment will be required.

International Clearance can take up to 6 days to process, and urgent requests under 48hrs are not accepted.

International Clearance Request

Subclass 408 Endorsement Letter

The subclass 408 (Temporary Long Stay) visa application requires a letter of endorsement from the National Sporting Organisation.
Clubs will need to apply to BA requesting an Endorsement letter, which will only be granted if clubs supply a copy of passport and player resume to Basketball Australia. If BA believes the player meets the below criteria it will then issue the club with the letter of endorsement.  Provision of a letter of endorsement is at BA’s sole discretion.BA shall only endorse a visa nomination application where:

  • in the case of a player, the Club demonstrates to BA that the player: 
    • at least two years of which should be in the US or Canadian College system (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, CCAA) or any Professional League worldwide;
  • in the case of a coach, the Club demonstrates to BA that the coach:
    • holds a post-secondary qualification requiring a minimum of three years full-time study in a relevant discipline (such as physical education) and/or an equivalent coaching qualification acceptable to BA;
    • has had, within the last seven years, at least five years professional employment as a coach in a high school or NCAA program, or in a comparable league competition (for nominees from both the USA, Europe or elsewhere);

However, BA reserves its right to depart from the above criteria in exceptional circumstances; or withdraw support for a player or coach for any reason including, but not limited to:

  • if that person acts in a manner that brings BA, a League or the sport of basketball into disrepute; or
  • If that person acts in a manner prejudicial to the interests of BA, a League or the sport of basketball

Endorsement Letter Request

For further information, please contact:

Mark Quinn: | +61 3 9847 2346



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