U16'S Australian Junior Championships recap day-4

Results and top performers from Day 4 of the Australian U16's Junior Championships being held in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Written by volunteers of Ulverstone Basketball Association  

Game 51 Women Pool A: NZ 70 defeated SA Country 66 A see-sawing contest, NZ had a two-point lead at quarter-time but SA Country were able to turn that into a two-point lead of their own at the main break. A determined effort in the second half from Charlisse Leger-Walker (31 points, 11 rebounds, five assists and two blocks) pulled NZ over the line in a close match. Stats Leaders-  NZ: 

  • Charlisse Leger-Walker: 31 points

  • Sharne Pupuke-Robati: 10 points

  • Charlotte Whittaker: 8 points

SA Country:

  • Taylah Levy: 14 points

  • Shanika Anne-Barr: 11 points

  • Tasmyn Biddell: 10 points

Game 52: Men Pool A: Vic Metro 89 defeated QLD North 60 QLD North were brave in defeat but Vic Metro's strong defence and organised offence proved to be too much of a well-oiled machine. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Callan Blackley: 27 points

  • Keli Leaupepe: 12 points

  • Tyler Robertson: 10 points

QLD North:

  • Samson Haughton: 15 points

  • Samson Froling: 14 points

  • Aiden Krause: 10 points

Game 53: Women Pool B: Tas 72 defeated WA Country 57 A great offensive start by Tasmania saw them go up by eight points in the first quarter but WA Country drew the margin back to a point in the second term. From there, Sharna Thomson was able to take over the match and win the game for the home team despite 19 points and 19 rebounds from Emma Burke. Stats Leaders- Tas:

  • Sharna Thomson: 17 points

  • Shelby Rayner: 14 points

  • Phoebe Buchwald: 10 points

WA Country: 

  • Ella Sigley: 19 points

  • Emma Burke: 19 points

  • Renae Robertson: 8 points

Game 54: Women Pool B: SA Metro 104 defeated NT 49 A strong star from NT put them ahead by four points but with Darcy Rees controlling the rebounds, SA Metro began to get on top. Ambah Kowcun fought hard for NT but when she was fouled off, the lead extended to the final margin of 55 points. Stats Leaders-  SA Metro:

  • Samantha Simons: 18 points

  • Juliet Gordon: 18 points

  • Taylor Prenzler: 16 points


  • Tiarni Pon: 16 points

  • Ambah Kowcun: 14 points

  • Alison Fleming: 8 points

Game 55: Men Pool B: NSW Country 89 defeated QLD South 74 QLD South took a lead into half-time but Lachlan Dent and Edward Connor in the third term and Brandon Freire in the fourth quarter could not be stopped as NSW Country completed the come from behind win. Stats Leaders- NSW Country:

  • Brandon Freire: 24 points

  • Lachlan Dent: 22 points

  • Connor Edwards: 17 points

QLD South:

  • Callum Dalton: 25 points

  • Nick Stoddart: 16 points

  • Jarrett Hepehi-Karini: 8 points

Game 56: Men Pool A: WA Metro 73 defeated NSW Metro 66 Trailing in the second quarter, WA Metro found their range from beyond the arc and their defensive pressure gave them a three-point lead at half-time. NSW Metro retaliated through Isaiah Lee and Benjamin Fakira to tie the match in the last quarter but a solid finish from WA Metro saw them succeed. Stats Leaders- WA Metro:

  • Daniel Vlahov: 14 points

  • Kyle Bowen: 13 points

  • Callum Beard: 13 points

NSW Metro:

  • Isaiah Lee: 14 points

  • Lachlan Charlton: 13 points

  • Benjamin Fakira: 10 points

Game 57: Women Pool B: ACT 85 defeated WA Metro 54 Attacking the post, ACT jumped out to an early 15-point lead but some pressing defensive pressure from WA Metro brought them back into the contest. Owning the defensive boards proved critical for ACT as they ran out comfortable winners in a good second half. Stats Leaders- ACT: 

  • Isabelle Bourne: 23 points

  • Hayley Mason: 19 points

  • Rosemary Schweizer: 15 points

WA Metro:

  • Emma Clarke: 11 points

  • Samantha Ashby: 10 points

  • Khalisha Ashik: 8 points

Game 58: Men Pool B: NZ 67 defeated Vic Country 55 Neither side was able to break away through the first three quarters, with the game a one-point margin at half-time and three-quarter time. Vic Country struggled to contain NZ though in the final period as they drove well to the basket and shot well from outside to win by double-digits. Stats Leaders- NZ:

  • Tomas Higgins: 16 points

  • Maxwell Darling: 15 points

  • Kruz Perrot-Hunt: 14 points

Vic Country:

  • Jai Nanscawen: 21 points

  • Reid Nanscawen: 13 points

  • Sebastian McArdle: 7 points

Game 59: Women Pool B: Vic Country 78 defeated QLD North 51 Both teams exemplified great team-work and desire for the ball but with a few more avenues to the basket, Vic Country were able to overcome QLD North with Chelsea D'Angelo and Jazmin Shelley starring. Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Chelsea D'Angelo: 24 points

  • Jazmin Shelley: 20 points

  • Eve Braslis: 12 points

QLD North:

  • Rashada Kaigey: 18 points

  • Majella Carey: 14 points

  • Courtney Virgo: 9 points

Game 60: Men Pool A: SA Country 76 defeated ACT 66 Falling behind early, ACT were forced to shoot from outside which did not help their ability to reel in the lead. With renewed vigour in the third quarter, they managed to cut into the lead but SA Country held on for the win. Stats Leaders- SA Country:

  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 19 points

  • Mitch Wellington: 17 points

  • Lewis Ridley: 12 points


  • Bradley Pateman: 27 points

  • Derek Emelifeonwu: 10 points

  • David Cox: 9 points

Game 61: Women Pool A: QLD South 70 defeated NSW Country 41 Leading their side to victory, Shyla Heal, Jade Kirisome and Meila Goodchild carried QLD South to a convincing victory in a solid team-performance that saw six players score 8+ points. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Jade Kirisome: 10 points

  • Shyla Heal: 10 points

  • Meila Goodchild: 9 points

NSW Country:

  • Eleanor Pinkerton: 9 points

  • Isabel Palmer: 9 points

  • Melanie Kirby: 6 points

Game 62: Men Pool B: SA Metro 71 defeated Tas 67 In a tight match, SA Metro opened up a healthy advantage but Tasmania were able to fight back in the last quarter. Foul trouble eventually proved their downfall with SA Metro winning the game from the free-throw line. Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Jackson Hately: 27 points

  • Malachai Ah Matt-Lovett: 10 points

  • Jesse Wall: 10 points


  • Tre Armstrong: 17 points

  • Lochie Boucher: 15 points

  • Troy Schaeche: 12 points

Game 63: Women Pool A: Vic Metro 78 defeated SA Country 52 Vic Metro utilised a strong second half to pull away from SA Country, who showed their ability in a well fought first half. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Madeline Puli: 15 points

  • Eleanor Leydin: 12 points

  • Lucy Cochrane: 12 points

SA Country:

  • Isabella Stratford: 9 points

  • Zali Grosser: 8 points

  • Kiana Sochaki: 7 points

Game 64: Men Pool A: QLD North 106 defeated NT 38 With a significant heigh advantage and strong three-point shooting from Kody Stattman, QLD North jumped out to a big lead. The enthusiastic crowd support for NT brought their side back into the contest in the second quarter but double-doubles from Samson Froling, Frazer Roberts and Lachlan Mills carried QLD North to a big win. Stats Leaders- QLD North:

  • Frazer Roberts: 18 points

  • Kody Stattman: 16 points

  • Thomas Sheida: 16 points


  • Keenan Abbott: 15 points

  • Jai O'Shaughnessy: 5 points

Game 65: Women Pool A: NZ 65 defeated Tas 63 NZ looked to be cruising to a victory with a 20-point lead in the first quarter but on the back of solid shooting and strong defence, Tasmania mounted their comeback. Sharna Thomson got herself to the free-throw line late in the game but the run was left too late as NZ survived to win by two. Stats Leaders- NZ:

  • Sharne Pupuke-Robati: 16 points

  • Tsubasa Nisbet: 14 points

  • Charlotte Whittaker: 13 points


  • Sharna Thomson: 21 points

  • Claudia Howard: 11 points

  • Marnie Shephard: 8 points

  Game 66: Men Pool B: QLD South 89 defeated WA Country 58 After a slow start, WA Country were able to settle and momentarily threaten QLD South's lead before eventually slowing down in the second half. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Nick Stoddart: 25 points

  • Callum Dalton: 20 points

  • Flynn Cameron: 12 points

WA Country:

  • Alexander Ducas: 17 points

  • Thomas Harper: 9 points

  • Egan Bradbury: 8 points

Game 67: Women Pool B: SA Metro 104 defeated NT 49 On the back of 24 points, Samantha Simons guided SA Country to the win, jumping NT early and never letting the lead go. Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Samantha Simons: 18 points

  • Juliet Gordon: 18 points

  • Taylor Prenzler: 16 points


  • Tiarni Pon: 16 points

  • Ambah Kowcun: 16 points

  • Alison Fleming: 8 points

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